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about me
This journal is mostly fannish and focused on Supernatural.

Regarding that person that posts, and ergo is in charge around here: I'm not wank-tolerant, I don't appreciate being told (directly or indirectly) what to think in any field of fandom or life, after many fruitless tries I've concluded I hate Buffy (but I don't care if you like it obviously!), and I'm a Radiohead junkie.

Other things you should know: I'm generally very kind and respectful of everyone's opinions and tastes and I absolutely expect the same from you.

Friending policy is simple: I don't friend you back if you don't ask, but leave two words here and I'll get in touch.
and my playground
I've been in love with X-Files for a long time...the only TV-show that I've ever really watched with anxious interest (...well, at least the first 7 seasons, I'm only human!), but I've never been part of its fandom. I've come, late, to Starsky & Hutch after that, and then Supernatural came and now I'm partially and peripherally active in this fandom. Which is a first time for me, and probably unique, 'cause I don't consider myself an active fan of anything tv-related.
Recently I have developed an insane obsession for Sherlock and Tiger & Bunny. That's about it.

Anyway, I'm mostly here because of this thing I call hobby but is really more of a life-consuming desperate crush: video editing.
I've been vidding for 4 years now, and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 is my baby. You'll notice I vidded Supernatural a lot (great photography, actors and plot potentiality), but I think I'm pretty done with it.
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